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This UK email list of Architects offers vital information on online contacts at more than 4,000 Architects and Architect Firms. Do you have products and services of interest to Architects?  Do you want to widen your client base, increase turnover, and make higher profits?  If so, this is the best place to get what you need. We’re so proud to be the top email address provider of architect firms located in US and UK (click here to see more details of our USA list). We guarantee that our email mailing list will give you immediate access to 1,000’s of prospective customers.

What makes this marketing list, database and directory of Architects the best in the marketplace?  Our carefully researched and up-to-dated emailing list has 1,000’s of records of email address contacts at UK architect firms. Through a link, it is downloadable as a .csv file which is provided to you a few minutes after the payment is verified.  The information contains addresses of websites from over 4,000 architect firms.  Each firm has updated email address information and includes UK regional address details.  Click “Counts per Region” for additional details.

Our Architects list also includes snail mailing address for approximately 50% of those listed, although we focus on electronic mailing addresses which are included with 100% of the records. Go to “Research Methods” page for more information. No other online architect email list offers the same information with such accurate and updated contacts.  Most importantly, you can get this mailing list at incredibly low cost. You will need to find  email sending services .

Hiring architects for your new home is always worth it and you can finf them with this mailing list. This is especially true if you do not have the experience in this kind of project. These people can offer you the design based on the needs you have presented. They will conduct a site visit to help you make a plan for your new house or building. They can help come up with a design that can preserve trees surrounding the site.

But How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Architect Firm?

There is no standard fee for using an architect. But there are factors that could determine how much you must spend for hiring an architect. Size, type and location of the project are determining factors. You may choose to use his/her initial design or ask him/her to oversee the project until completion.

Here are the other factors that could determine the overall cost of having an architect to complete your building project.

  1. Building Cost

If you hire an architect firm who will oversee the project from start to finish, you must pay him/her between 8% and 12% of the total construction cost. However, if you will only need him/her up to planning stage, the cost can go from 3% to 5% of the overall cost. With this in mind, you must check your spending as it could greatly affect how much you will pay for hiring an architect.

  1. Hourly Rate

An architect firm may charge you per hour during initial discussion about the project. Some companies can offer you one-off consultation which can really save you money. Others may charge you per hour that can lead to spending thousands of dollars just for consultation.

When establishing architect’s fee, you need to get it into writing. You must also remember that you will have to pay for his/her travel expenses.

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Although hiring architects can cost a lot of money, they can offer you the best advice on how to keep the overall cost from going beyond your budget.


Architects transform the ideas and words of their clients into structures.  They design structures by themselves, or at times, work with architectural technicians to obtain the end result.  Architects are highly specialised individuals and have to undergo comprehensive training.

Architects plan and draft the design and often manage the construction of the design.  This involves consideration not only for economic and environmental requirements, but also to consider the construction team, materials and safety. 

The designs they complete need to be functional, hence the architect has to have knowledge of the requirements by the builder, such as the building and planning codes to abide by. 

Apart from requesting an aesthetically appealing design, the client or employer often requires a design that will be economically viable.  This presents a more in-depth task for the architect who needs to have the knowledge to accomplish this. 

Architects have to undergo in-depth training and require at least a degree, with further practical experience and final examinations to be registered on the national architects register.  The register is maintained and held by a government organisation.

It is a requirement for architects to be registered with the Architects Registration Board.  There is an alternate organisation that many architects are members of, The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), but this membership is not an obligation.  Members have to follow the professional code of conduct of the institute, which includes having professional indemnity insurance to cover incidences where an architect offers bad advice or errs.  The insurance is a legal requirement for all members of the institute, and offers a safety net when using a registered architect.